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Renovating an empty warehouse space!

Who opens a clinic during a pandemic? Well, effectively we haven't opened due to the Covid-19 lockdown rules however, we did take on an empty warehouse space in the iconic Bermondsey Street & we did start a lengthy renovation project.

Covid-19 has halted our opening date several times but so has Brexit with our European orders! We have not let the situation get us down though as the current safety concerns with Covid-19 and our doctors' commitments to their NHS practices have of course been a priority. We are almost ready to open!

We are a family run business (Hello from Lorenzo our Medical Director, his partner Emma & lockdown baby Violet!) and we live locally. Our dream was to open an exclusive 5 star, doctor led clinic where our patient's can take their time to discuss the option of personalised, non-surgical cosmetic procedures to meet their aesthetic goals or as we like to say, 'discreet enhancements!'

With the clinic nearly finished & our team of doctors complete, we have hopefully achieved that dream, just a little longer to wait... See you all soon after lockdown!

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