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Latest news & September offers & Dermaplaning!

Happy sunshine weather for a change! We thought it would be great to update you with our latest news, treatment offers and freebie opportunities. Read all about it...

  • Future bookings with Dr Lorenzo or Dr Nefer

  • September treatment offer

  • NEW: Dermaplaning

  • Have you claimed your freebies yet?

Future bookings with Dr Lorenzo & Dr Nefer:

Dr Lorenzo & Dr Nefer
Dr Lorenzo & Dr Nefer

Dr Nefer & Dr Lorenzo will not be taking on any more new patients for a while as they are full to capacity (unless you have recommended their services to a friend or family member, then we will of course accommodate!) Any patient who already sees either for their treatments will of course be able to continue. It is always easier to contact the clinic directly to make a booking with them, as the online diary does not reflect their true availability and also, we will always try our best to accommodate any special requests. To book with Dr Nefer or Dr Lorenzo in future, please either text or call Emma on 07922087919 or email on or use our contact form here.

September treatment offer:

Kick start the back to school season with a relaxing Emocean® White Specialist Acid Peel Facial with LED Light Therapy for £105 instead of £125! This treatment follows the same protocol as our bespoke facials but we use an acid based mask for incredible skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Think of this treatment as a very mild chemical peel, glowing results but with zero downtime.

This facial is great for the following skin concerns - pigmentation, mild scarring, tired & dull skin and for improving texture by softening the skin. Interested in booking this treatment? Contact here.

NEW Dermaplaning:

Yes, you can get rid of that peach fuzz, downy, annoying facial hair! No, it does't grow back thicker. The peach fuzz is vellus hair -thin, fine hair that grows on most of your body. It's different from the thicker, longer hair you have on your scalp, call terminal hair. Vellus hair is usually lighter and shorter than terminal hair and grows back exactly the same at 3-4 weeks.

Dermaplaning also exfolitates the top dead skin cells and leaves you with a beautiful fuzz free, smooth face.

Learn more here.

Have you claimed your freebies yet?

If you have signed up already to one of our subscription packages, then you can stop reading! If not, you really are missing out - SERIOUSLY, if you already spend money at SE1, then why not spend EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT... but get 2 free treatments a year!

Our subscription packages couldn't be simpler or more appealing. You can cancel at any time and you can even gift your freebies to friends or family! Starting a subscription means you will spend exactly the same but you can spread the cost AND claim your free treatments every 6 months. Read more here!

Thanks for reading,

Emma x

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