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Spring Celebrations!

This is our most exciting post yet, jam packed with exciting evolutions, accolades, opportunities and an offer - Spring celebrations go, go, go...

  • Welcome to the team

  • Adios Emma

  • April offer


A huge welcome to the team, Dr Ayesha Girach. Ayesha will be available on Saturdays and ad-hoc week days. Her arrival will add a unique addition to our expertise, as her own skincare weapon of choice is ZO (developed by the world's most famous dermatologist, Zein Obagi). It's great to have a fresh pair of eyes and a complementary skillset to increase our range of offerings. Ayesha starts with us today, perfect timing for the Spring skincare rush!

Kelly-Ann Tear SE1 Clinic Manager
Kelly-Ann Tear

Another huge welcome to the team for Kelly-Ann Tear. Kelly-Ann will be joining SE1 as our dedicated Clinic Manager. The clinic functions will now become her baby, everything operational and organisational will be led by Kelly-Ann, with communications and front of house duties at the forefront of her role, ensuring our patients continue to have the same, if not better, experiences throughout their SE1 pathway.

Kelly-Ann is a medical examiner (think CSI, Prime Suspect...) so her anatomy knowledge is incredible. She also has a passion for skincare and has just embarked on her own skincare journey with Emma - the effects of the pandemic, meaning Kelly-Ann has had to wear increased safety PPE masks in her medical examiner role, are about to be erased with a DermaFrac microneedling course... watch this space!


So if we have a new Clinic Manager, it's time to say goodbye to Emma.

Emma Costello SE1 Medical Aesthetics London
Emma Costello

Nahhhhhh, she is back but in a slightly different role. Don't worry, your skin/facial/needling rituals are safe as Emma will still be providing these services (with an add on.... see later in the blog).

Emma has just been announced as CEO of GAPMED UK. She joins the company with ambitious goals to revolutionalise healthcare pathways across our nation, with the initial steps being in collaboration with the SE1 clinic!

At this point, please note, the clinic will be closed Monday 20th May to Sunday 26th May for renovation work.

This change is an incredible addition to our local community. What will we be providing? Think immediate GP services, diagnostics, women's health clinic, referrals, minor operations, travel health... employment opportunities...

Interested? Subscribe below, join our journey and have exclusive access to our offers.


Would you like a half price bespoke facial, microdermabrasion or DermaFrac microneedling session? Of course you would! To claim your half price treatment, here are the points to note:

  • This offer is due to a training exercise as we have another team member joining SE1!

  • Your treatment will either be carried out with Emma completing the treatment and Matthew shadowing or half of the treatment with Emma and half with Matthew, or with Emma instructing Matthew

  • Matthew is a male practitioner, so you must be comfortable with that

  • The offer is only available on Tuesday 9th April - there are daytime & evening appointment options

If you wish to claim this very special offer, click below and leave a comment mentioning the treatment you would be interested in having on the day please.

Have a great weekend all, and as always, thank you for your loyalty x

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