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Something old, new, borrowed & blue!

Welcome to SE1 Medical Aesthetics London 2024. We though it fitting to monopolise on a little wedding good luck, seeing as so many of our clients got hitched in 2023, with glowing skin of course! Keep reading for congrats, incredible skin results & offers...


Incredible clinic news, Emma has been announced as a finalist in the Aesthetic Awards 2024, category sponsored by Allergan, 'Award for Clinic Representative of the Year'

This is huge for our clinic and our team. Dr Lorenzo was a finalist last year, so it is game on for Emma to go one step further and actually win! Now the long wait until March for the Awards ceremony. Keep your fingers crossed please.

Emma, Aesthetics Awards Finalist 2024
Emma, Aesthetics Awards Finalist 2024

'This Award recognises the valuable contribution that clinic representatives and team members in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland make to the aesthetics industry, their workplace, and customers. This award aims to recognise the ‘unsung heroes’ of the aesthetics industry who are non-medical champions that are striving for the betterment of the field. Finalists will show outstanding support and warmth for their team and customers, a proven ability to positively impact their business and/or clients, and above all, a strong commitment to the future of the aesthetics specialty.'


We are hiring. This is a full-time Clinic Manager role, so if you know anyone looking for an exciting opportunity to join our lovely team, contact us here


One of our lovely clients has allowed us to share her fantastic DermaFrac results. The goal was to improve her facial pigmentation and so we started with a DOME facial analysis report as a base line. We then carried out a course of 6 DermaFrac sessions, each 4 weeks apart and using the pigmentation specific serum at every session.

Finally, we completed the course with another facial analysis report to assess the changes scientifically as well as visually.

The results are incredible! The client's pigmentation improved drastically, and every single other score on the analysis scale, also improved - every single one! Her skin age also dropped from 39 to 38.

Client photos - before always on the left as you look at the screen, after on the right!

The visible results show:

  • decreased pore size

  • smoother texture

  • decreased sebum (grease) secretion

  • decreased pigmentation, improved all over skin tone

But what the DOME analysis also showed was that she had other great, non-visible results:

  • decreased surface wrinkles

  • decreased deeper layer dermis future wrinkles

  • improved sensitivity (less reaction to actives)

  • improved skin metabolism (quicker skin healing time and rate at which products are absorbed)

  • improvement in existing UV damage

  • increased moisture content in the dermis

There is no better treatment than the DermaFrac 4-in-1 Facial (microdermabrasion, microneedling, serum induction therapy, LED light therapy) downtime - redness lasts from 15 mins to a few hours

SOMETHING BLUE (well bluey-green the SkinCeuticals colouring!)

OFFER of the MONTH: Buy a SkinCeuticals antioxidant & get a full sized SPF 50 FREE (we have linked for more information, ignore their website prices, we have our own SE1 member's prices - you are a member if you have received this email!)

Key things to remember:

Your 'holy grail' skincare regime should have an antioxidant (also known as a Vitamin C serum, btw, no company can touch SkinCeuticals range of these in terms of patents, research, results...), an SPF and then a retinol. Feel free to text, call, pop in if you wish to learn more about skincare!

Thanks for reading and supporting our family business.

Peace out,

Emma x

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