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White Specialist is a revolutionary line in non-invasive professional skin resurfacing. The kit treats dark spots and uneven skin tone. White Specialist performs an innovative, effective, and completely safe resurfacing process, promoting cell turnover.


Its highly functional ingredients are the result of intensive cosmetic research on an international scale. Among them is Luminescina, extracted from mullein flowers, which is the first active ingredient based on the photoluminescence of plants. This line represents the ultimate frontier in the cosmetic treatment of dark spots, uneven skin tone and in the renewal of face skin.


The kit contains 4 products:


Spot Corrector (15ml): Clarifying and exfoliating peel to apply over dark spots and areas presenting uneven skintone, deep wrinkles, and imperfections. It promotes antioxidant and draining action, especially in case of eye-puffiness.


Brilliant Serum (30ml)Face serum packed with active ingredients for blocking, clarifying, and reducing dark spots. Thanks to the combination with exfoliating peels, Brilliant Serum smooths out imperfections and deep wrinkles, while protecting skin from the UVrays that stimulate the melanocyte in hyper-producing melanin.


Brilliant Day Cream (50ml)Face cream packed with natural enzymes andalpha hydroxide acid to promote the cell turnover process in cases of hyper-pigmentation and imperfections. The Phyto-complex extracted from Mullein prevents the synthesis of tyrosinase and melanin, protecting skin from the oxidative stress caused by UV rays.


Brilliant Night Cream (50ml)Resurfacing night cream based on the action of natural enzymes and alpha hydroxide acid, to gently exfoliate skin. Following the night cell renewal process, your skin will feel smoother and softer in the morning with any imperfections significantly reduced.

Emocean® White Specialist Skincare Kit - 4 products

SKU: 008
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