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SE1 Medical Aesthetics LED Light Therapy


1hr 30mins £125

The ultimate skincare facial, combining targeted products for problem areas with relaxing face & neck massage and LED therapy for a luxuriously peaceful well-being & skincare experience.

Meet our Emocean® Skincare professional. They will consult with you about your skin type, skincare routine and lifestyle to determine the most suitable products for your facial, the correct LED wave-length for your indication, followed with suggestions for your personal at-home regime.

LED therapy is the latest and the most advanced laser technology used to rejuvenate and treat a multitude of skin concerns without the need of surgery or injections.

For that radiating, glowing skin texture, our non-invasive LED light therapy works at a cellular level (each colour wavelength reaching differing depths of the skin to act on a range of skin concerns). The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep into cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow and create faster healing so your skin looks rejuvenated.

All conditions which require stimulation of collagen can be addressed with LED therapy. In aesthetic and skincare applications, LED light therapy has beneficial effects on:

Acne scars, wrinkles, hypertrophic scars, pigmentation, reducing damage from inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis can also benefit.

Superb skincare results take time and dedication! Therefore, we provide you with a goodie bag of helpful products to keep you on track with your skincare/well-being journey in the comfort of your own home.

The experience:

 1 hour facial 
- Double cleanse
- Skin analysis
- Exfoliation
- Lymphatic massage
- Mask
- LED light therapy (extra 20 minutes)
- Serum
- Cream
- Lip balm
- Goodie bag

10 minutes consultation, 1 hour facial, 20 minutes LED therapy

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