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Subscriptions with Freebies!

"Cost of living crisis," "recession," "post pandemic," "energy crisis".....

To help soften the blow of the above constant negative reminders about living in the UK 2023, we have developed a selection of subscription packages! Each of these allows you to pay monthly an amount that suits your skincare / pro-ageing requirements at the SE1 clinic.

SE1 Medical Aesthetics London Chemical Peel
SE1 Medical Aesthetics London Chemical Peel

Our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum subscriptions each have added benefits such as FREE facials, DOME facial analysis reports, DermaFrac microneedling treatments...

You can cancel your subscription at anytime and the funds accrued at that point are still yours to redeem against any of our treatments, services or in-clinic products. You can also spend your accrued funds whenever you like.

Want to learn more?

Want to ask our team any questions about these options?

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