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Hand rejuvenation plus November's offers!

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

1. Dr Lorenzo - global pioneer in hand rejuvenation

2. November’s special offers!

Hand Rejuvenation

Dr Lorenzo, SE1’s Medical Director is an international pioneer in hand rejuvenation. This includes talking on the subject globally, training healthcare professionals and he has just launched the world’s first hand rejuvenation masterclass, held right here in our SE1 clinic home.

His teachings on this subject are based on his recently published study, where he has developed a range of anatomically based hand injection techniques that will drive safety and patient outcomes across the globe. Hand rejuvenation is a trending topic. The hands have been neglected when considering medical aesthetic procedures and now that the demand for this service is on the rise, we couldn’t be prouder of Dr Lorenzo for investing his time to ensure that this important area of the body is understood and respected.

Dr Lorenzo uses a special dermal filler and a skin booster in combination to achieve a smoothed, plumped appearance and a hydrated glow. This procedure lasts for approximately 18 months and the results are fantastic. This is definitely a procedure to consider if your hands are starting to look skeletal with age, or, if you have invested in your face and neck for a while and the hands are starting to give away the game! Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this procedure with Dr Lorenzo here.

November’s Offers

Finally, the bit you are all interested in!

Cheek filler at SE1 Medical Aesthetics
Cheek filler at SE1 Medical Aesthetics

Cheek, chin or jaw filler for only £200, instead of £350 (this is for 1ml) with Dr Lauren on Wed 8th, 22nd or 29th November from 3.30pm onwards.

Each SE1 Medical Aesthetics London Dr has an in clinic portfolio of patients and Dr Lauren would like more examples of her work in this area available. Therefore - you must allow pictures to be taken (eyes can be blurred etc).

Dermaplane facial with LED light therapy for £85 instead of £105!

Contact here to book any of these offers

Dermaplaning at SE1 Medical Aesthetics
Dermaplaning at SE1 Medical Aesthetics

Dermaplaning at SE1 Medical Aesthetics
Dermaplaning at SE1 Medical Aesthetics

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