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Dermal Filler - Cheeks

Let’s talk about dermal filler and specifically for the cheek area. Filler can seem scary and many automatically think of celebrities who have either had too much filler, or have had it badly placed. POV: filler product quality and placement techniques should be so exceptional, that no one can tell you have it!

Side note: Looking for proof of standards? Did you know that our very own Dr Lorenzo Garagnani has been voted in the top 7 UK best Consultant Surgeons 2023 in the aesthetics industry?

Cheek filler is so popular as it smooths wrinkles in areas that anti-wrinkle treatment cannot. You have a solution for the forehead and crow’s feet, but you have noticed fine lines that appear when you squint or smile, running from the lower eye diagonally across your cheek? Other anti-wrinkle treatments are not effective in that area, but dermal filler can give great results.

Dermal filler placed in the cheek area adds slight projection which tightens the skin. This technique is also an option for those patients not suitable for tear trough filler (the area directly underneath the eye 'under eye hollows') as again, the increased projection from the filler placed on the cheek bone plumps and pulls the skin, decreasing the hollows and reducing the dark circles. Filler is made of hyaluronic acid and this pulls water to that area, plumping the skin. Depending on your goals and our SE1 surgeon/doctor’s advice, there are different viscosities of filler used. We only purchase our Maili filler from a tiny handful of reputable pharmacies, this is because you cannot be sure that a product is not counterfeit, if bought from a filler ‘dealer.’

The procedure is relatively painless due to the depth of the product placement, but numbing cream is used anyway to try and avoid any discomfort. Most fillers contain local anesthetic too, so please let your surgeon/doctor know if you are allergic to local anaesthetic agents. Downtime is minimal but you may encounter some bruising & swelling so it’s best to allow a two week window until the product is fully settled and any bruising is healed, before you attend an important event!

Below is a fantastic example of Dr Lauren’s cheek filler and anti-wrinkle treatment at SE1. Notice how the eyebrows have raised slightly, the cheeks are more prominent and the tear trough is no longer dark and hollow.

If you would like any further information on this, or other treatments with our team of surgeons/doctors, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or, to book a consultation click here.

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