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Cracked Surface
HarmonyCa at SE1 Medical Aesthetics London

Collagen Stimulating Dermal Filler at SE1 Medical Aesthetics London

HarmonyCa® is a dual-action dermal filler that does so much more than just correcting lines and folds.
It works fast to give visible results, then it gets to work deep under the skin to tackle the real causes of facial ageing.

HarmonyCa® works differently and naturally. Thanks to its unique properites, it not only corrects wrinkles and folds but also stimulates your own collagen production to really treat the underlying causes of facial ageing, the effects are gradual and longer lasting giving you a natural youthful appearance.

HarmonyCa® naturally encourages your skin back into the habit of producing collagen, rebuilding the youthful facial shape and volume that time has taken away.

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