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Aesthetic Medicine Magazine Publication

We are delighted to announce SE1 Medical Aesthetics London's collaboration with Aesthetic Medicine Magazine! The magazine offers business insights & articles including new trends, new treatments, the latest industry news all written by Aesthetic Medicine leaders.

Our very own SE1 Medical Aesthetics London clinic owners, Emma Costello & Lorenzo Garagnani had their article 'Patients with ADHD – the consultation process' published in this month's edition of Aesthetic Medicine.

"Thorough and effective communication between a medical aesthetic practitioner and their patient is vital for the patient’s involvement in any decisions about cosmetic treatments and for ensuring their adherence to any pre- or post-treatment protocols. SE1 Medical Aesthetics medical director Lorenzo Garagnani and managing director Emma Costello explain why some patients, more than others, may find it more difficult to engage with their practitioner in the aforementioned process - especially those with ADHD."

To read the article in full click here.

Thank you for having us Aesthetic Medicine!

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