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SE1 Signature Peel

SE1 Signature Peel

This is the most ideal chemical peel for those who want a stunning rejuvenated glow, but don't want to actually 'peel' or don't want any downtime!

How can this be?

Our SE1 practitioner, Emma, applies a gel like product (packed with a host of skin rejuvenating ingredients) to your face after a deep cleansing routine.

She uses gentle massage techniques to diffuse the gel into the skin.

Now for the magic, the active ingredients are held in microscopic spheres that diffuse trans-epidermally, where they dissolve in the dermis, rather than the epidermis.

This means, no irritation at the surface of the skin like normal peels!


The science activates at the deeper layers of your skin only. NO DOWNTIME, just rejuvenated, brightened, silky smooth skin.

The process is repeated a number of times, depending on your skin type & goals.


What is in the gel?



Two specific growth factors to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thanks to the direct action on fibroblasts. The growth factors link to specifics receptors, sending distinctive signals directly into your cells.



Two essential molecules for an anti-ageing and anti-staining effect. Essential substances to reduce signs of skin ageing, reduce epidermal thickening and hyper production of melanin

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