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This unique antioxidant skincare kit regenerates your skin, for immediate glow and hydration. A must-have to re-oxygenate your skin and supply it with a brand-new Collagen matrix!


B-light contains an exclusive brown seaweed, growing wild on the Korean isle of Jeju.
Packed with extraordinary nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, and fibers, it also supplies significant amounts of Fucoidans.
Specifically recommended for dull, stressed skin, lacking tone and cases of major oxidative stress, such as photoaging, dulling, dehydration, and pollution.


The kit contains 4 products to be used twice daily:


Cleansing Milk (200ml): Cleansing antioxidant treatment rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E to brighten your skin. It effectively removes make-up while preserving the natural protection barrier of skin, leaving it moisturized and nourished. Specific for asphyxiated, dull and stressed skin.


Toner (200ml)Moisturizing and illuminating toner. Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and hydrating factors. It supports the skin’s pH balance while reducing redness. It perfectly removes any traces of cleanser ready for the serum and cream layers.


Vitamin Serum (30ml)Face serum in gel formulation, specific for dull skin lacking radiance. The Sargassum Fusiforme, highly rich in minerals and fucoidians, promotes the synthesis of collagen and skin thickness, while significantly reducing any signs of fatigue on your face. The hydrating and antioxidant properties of the Chrondus Crispus and Sweet Orange will take care of your skin and pamper it over the entire day, from the very first application.


Vitamin Cream (50ml)Soft, fast absorbing cream, rich in antioxidants (Vitamin C and Vitamin E), for potent hydration thanks to the Chondrus Red Seaweed complex which promotes deep anti-aging activity. Its formulation is packed with Omega 6, Avocado oil, and Lecithin liposomes.


Emocean® B-Light Skincare Kit - 4 products

SKU: 005
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