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Meet the Team - Dr Nefer Fallico

In our latest SE1 blog, meet Dr Nefer Fallico. Prepare to be impressed and to learn some incredible facts!

Turn back the clock to April 12th 2021, this is the date SE1 opened our doors, and the date Dr Nefer joined our team, consulting on Mondays and Saturdays providing non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Nefer is well and truly part of the foundations that have led to the success and continued growth of SE1 Medical Aesthetics London.

As well her commitments to SE1 (Dottore London & Enhance,) Nefer is a full time NHS Plastic Surgeon and a mother of two, who also speaks four languages fluently!

Let's talk a little more about Nefer's incredible NHS work...

Dr Nefer Fallico SE1 Medical Aesthetics London
Dr Nefer Fallico NHS Plastic Surgeon Salisbury Hospital

Nefer is a Plastic Surgeon specialising in cleft lip and palate reconstructive surgery. She operates on children as young as 3 months old at Salisbury Hospital's Spires Cleft Centre, one of only nine specialist centres in the U.K.

Recently, one of Nefer's patients, 3 year old Erin, inspired her family to complete a charity walk in aid of The Spires Centre. This was an opportunity for the family to give back to the hospital, and the team who cared for Erin and her family for the duration of her time in hospital. Nefer was the surgeon who completed all three of Erin's long surgeries! To read the full article about this inspiring story, you can find it here.

Dr Nefer Fallico SE1 Medical Aesthetics London
The Surgical Work of Dr Nefer Fallico

We would like to congratulate Nefer on her educational contribution at the recent Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Ireland meeting in Cardiff. Her talk titled, ‘Does hearing improve following primary cleft palate repair?’ was well received and it is fantastic to see our colleague and friend being involved as a guest speaker at such an important scientific event. Brava Nefer!

Dr Nefer Fallico Se1 Medical Aesthetics London
Dr Nefer Fallico - Craniofacial Society of Great Britain & Ireland

At SE1, we feel it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the of the incredible NHS work our surgeons and doctors are involved in for the good of our communities. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments require lengthy training and skill, but reconstructive surgery for congenital differences is a completely different ball game! We couldn't be prouder of our team!

To book a non-surgical cosmetic treatment appointment with Dr Nefer Fallico, please contact us here, or use our online booking system here.

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