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Facial Rejuvenation at SE1 Medical Aesthetics London

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Before and after photos, how important are they? Attend any medical aesthetic start up webinar or course and they will inform you that before and after pictures are top priority for guaranteed success, and that you cannot possibly survive as a business without them.

What if I told you that at SE1 Medical Aesthetics, we are a successful family run business (competing against the large chains, who as a side note to be discussed at a later date, break the laws of advertising prescription drugs on a daily basis, however, somehow they are allowed to continue to do this? A quick example, 'buy 2 areas of anti-wrinkle treatments, get one free!') and we don't publish before and after pictures on our social media. Not only that, one of our surgeons, Lorenzo Garagnani, was an Aesthetics Awards Finalist 2023!

The advert above was taken from Facebook 05/04/2023. Prescription only products like Botulinum Toxin are not allowed to be advertised directly to the consumer and certainly not as part of an offer!

Before we go against the grain and share a wonderful example of facial rejuvenation, we will share our reasons for avoiding publication of before and afters:

  • Due to our patient demographic, we have very few patients who consent to share publicly

  • Everyone is different, why would you want to look like someone else? You are unique and choosing an aesthetic result based on someone else's age, facial anatomy, skin type etc.. is not ideal. Think of the 'Rachel analogy' when you entered the hairdressers with that picture of Jennifer Aniston, did your hair ever actually look quite the same as hers? What is more important is a thorough consultation, where your general and mental health are assessed, along with your skin type and that your expectations are managed in alignment with your goals

On this occasion, we have a lovely patient who wishes to share her results from her facial rejuvenation at SE1 Medical Aesthetics London, as she was so happy with her outcomes. Becca came to us extremely nervous about letting go of her previous medical injector. Although she has lived in London for a long time, she always travelled back to her home town in the north of England, to have treatments with the incredibly talented, industry leader & firm favourite, Dr Tim Pearce. Becca decided the travel to see Dr Tim was becoming a problem, therefore she researched aesthetic clinics close to her south east London home and decided to book a consultation at SE1 Medical Aesthetics. The deciding factor for her was our incredible Google ★★★★★ reviews. The rest is history and we would like to thank Becca for trusting our team and also, Dr Tim for setting her expectations so high - she thinks we nailed it!

Slideshow of 'before' images of Becca

Facial rejuvenation at SE1 Medical Aesthetics London is a term used meaning multiple techniques across different areas of the face to smooth wrinkles, lift sagging skin, improve skin texture, hydration and overall, to result in a refreshed version of you. We don't like the term anti-ageing at SE1 as ageing in appearance should not be a negative experience. A fifty year old patient receiving facial rejuvenation should look like the best and healthiest version of them, trying to make a fifty year old look like a thirty year old is unrealistic and unachievable. All this results in is a plastic, stretched appearance and responses like 'they look like they have had work done!'

Four weeks after treatment

Becca's result was achieved using anti-wrinkle treatment in the forehead (lift your eyebrows up), glabella (frown) and around the eyes 'crow's feet' (squint). She also had dermal filler in her cheeks to lift (Maili Volume), nasolabial lines, to smooth (Maili Define) and lips to define the boarder and add a tiny bit of volume and to hydrate (Maili Precise). The result, a beautifully refreshed and rejuventated version of Becca!

Slideshow of before pictures all with Becca in a headband, after pictures without. Front view four weeks after treatment, side views immediately after treatment

Four weeks post treatment, when all products have 'kicked in' and any potential light swelling or bruising has subsided, the results are the following (please bear in mind these are Becca and Lorenzo's agreed outcome choices):

  • A slight raise in the eyebrow to lift the lid and open the eyes wider

  • A smooth wrinkle free forehead, glabella and around the eyes

  • A slightly more pronounced, defined cheek for structure and to lift the lower face

  • A slightly fuller lip, with the emphasis being on making the top lip as fuller as the lower and defining the borders

  • A less deep nasolabial fold

  • A more hydrated glow

Nasolabial fold examples

If you would like to book a consultation with one of our SE1 Medical Aesthetics London surgeons or doctors, please contact us via any of the following methods, and be sure to follow our Instagram to keep up to date with our news!

Tel: 07922087919

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