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Lanluma®, the incredible non-surgical butt enhancement treatment.

Lanluma® is a collagen stimulating injectable treatment which is performed by our SE1 surgeons. It is a new treatment that is similar to the existing Sculptra® treatment. This is a non-surgical procedure.

The primary component of Lanluma® is Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) which has been used safely in aesthetic medicine for decades. It gives your buttocks a more rounded and desirable appearance by stimulating your natural collagen production. The butt lift procedure has very little risk or downtime. The results are created using the body’s own natural collagen response, therefore butt lift rejuvenation looks and feels completely natural.

Lanluma® is a great treatment for the following reasons:

  • Improving 'hip dips' by correcting the hip to waist ratio

  • Increasing fullness and replacing lost volume or adding volume

  • Improving skin quality/cellulite/dimpling on the buttocks

When used for a non-surgical butt lift, Lanluma® creates a more even appearance by correcting the hip to waist ratio as well as plumping up the deficient areas of the buttocks with the new collagen. Lanluma® provides a steady enhancement in skin volume. It sets off a deep tissue regeneration reaction that stimulates your own natural collagen. The results are extremely impressive, book a consultation with one of our SE1 surgeons to find out more!

2 Lanluma® vials 'HIP DIP' Treatment (Equivalent of 8+ vials of Sculptra®)


4 Lanluma® vials (Equivalent of 16+ vials of Sculptra®)


6 Lanluma® vials (Equivalent of 24+ vials of Sculptra®)


8 Lanluma® vials (Equivalent of 32+ vials of Sculptra®)


TOP UP - 2 Lanluma® vials 


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